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Middle-grade novels (ages 8 to 12)

  • Freaky Fast Frankie Joe

(ISBN 9780823423675)


  • Immortal Max

(ISBN 9780823430413)





Books are mirrors; you only see in them what you already have inside you.

--Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Freaky Fast Frankie Joe / Release Date 4/1/2012

Set in a small fictitious town in northern Illinois, this book traces the journey of twelve-year old Frankie Joe Huckaby. When Frankie Joe's mother is sent to jail, he is uprooted from his home in Texas to live with the father he  has never met, his father's wife, and his father's four "legitimate" sons. Frankie Joe is miserable. Trying to adjust to his blended family proves  too much to bear, so Frankie Joe hatches a plot to escape on his bike back home to Texas. For that he needs money, and so Frankie Joe's Freaky Fast Delivery Service is born. His deliveries win new friends for Frankie Joe, a place in the rural Illinois community, and a sense of achievement. But his planned escape is destroyed by a heartbreaking betrayal, and Frankie Joe needs all his incredible resilience and the loving support of his new family to survive the devastating loss.


Immortal Max / Release Date 4/1/2014

Twelve-year-old Sam dreams of owning a pedigreed puppy, convinced they are superior to a mongrel like Max, the family's ancient pet. Smelly, disheveled, hugely affectionate, Max is a walking miracle who was near death's door when Sam's sister rescued him. But Max survived and now seems immortal, which is unfortunate for Sam because his mother says no new dog if its going to bother Max. Undaunted, Sam decides to earn money to buy a puppy anyway and takes a job walking dogs in CountryWood, the fancy gated community in his rural town. There he clashes with Justin, a rich pampered "burbie" who is determined to get Sam fired. Their feud, echoing the conflict between wealthy city transplants and the "townies" leads to tragedy. Will shaggy old Max be able to save the day?